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Imagine Dragons at Quebec City Summer Festival

Take 2 for Imagine Dragons at the FEQ 2020 on July 11, as their last year’s performance was cut short to 2 songs by mother nature.


You were there in 2019 when the band had to cancel their show after only a few notes? Well, here’s your chance at redemption with Imagine Dragons at the FEQ 2020.


It was set for a wonderful Saturday Evening: A blue sky, a sunny afternoon, warm weather and a rock concert. All was going according to plan, with young British artist Bishop Briggs living the best moment of her life in front of an ever-more loving crowd. Even minutes before Dan Reynolds’ band was set to get on stage, clouds were still afar.


. But mother nature has a will of her own, and just after the first chords of the third song, she poured all her strength on the tens of thousands of fans gathered on the Plains of Abraham. Rain, wind, thunder but even more so wind and lightnings were putting people in danger. So for the safety of all, Quebec City Summer Festival’s management team decided to pull the plug on what was already an unforgettable evening.


So, because they really felt the love that was directed at them by the still thousands of fans who braved the elements and wanted the show to go on, Imagine Dragons are back just one year after this shortened performance.


Imagine Dragons is a four-man band with lead singer Dan Reynolds, lead guitarist Wayne Sermon, Bassist Ben McKee, and Drummer Daniel Platzman. Although the band has been around since 2008, it really wasn’t until 2012 that they released their single “It’s Time”. It was also nominated for an MTV Video Music Award in the “Best Rock Video” category for that year.


For some people, like me, the group became known when their song “Radioactive” from their first album, was featured in the Blockbuster movie called “The Host” which was based on Stephanie Meyer’s 2008 novel with the same name. The song was an instant hit upon watching the trailer.


Throughout their career, they have released a total of 4 albums: Night Visions (2012), Smoke + Mirrors (2015), Evolve (2017) and Origins (2018).



Their latest album “Origin” was released in 2018 and very quickly after they wrapped up their last tour Evolve. Fans were surprised but also very happy to already have new songs to listen to and were hoping for a new tour. Luckily, we get to have them at the Quebec City Summer Festival!

So, get ready for a redo of last year with Imagine Dragons at the FEQ 2020 on July 11 on the Bell Stage of the Plains of Abraham.



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