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Tips for a cheap trip to Quebec

To make your life easier and allow you to discover our beautiful city, we offer you many tips for a cheap trip to the beautiful city of Quebec.

It is definitely possible to spend a memorable trip without breaking the bank. Here are some tips to enjoy a cheap trip to Quebec City:

1. Transportation

There is not much way to save money on transportation in Quebec City, since the gasoline price has exploded in recent years. However, since the tourist area is not very big, you can still just walk. If you still want to take motorized transport options, public buses are a great way to save money and see everything. Several buses stop, few steps from our hotel, and take you directly to the upper town, near rue Saint-Jean. In addition, taxis and Uber are always on duty in the city, at any time of day and night, and can allow you to travel at low cost in Quebec City. For trips in the suburbs, guided tours are always available at reasonable prices. To get to the old capital, you can always take the train or the bus that travel to Quebec City for a cheap trip. The plane is still an option, thanks to the new Quebec City Airport, but is often more expensive.

2. Food

A night at the restaurant can be so expensive and yet so nice! To spoil yourself but keep your budget in mind, we suggest you use online discount sites, such as Groupon, Tuango or Antidote. These sites often offer 50% off or more on meals for 2 or on your total bill, which greatly helps to travel cheap to Quebec City. You can enjoy a good meal and a good restaurant, without ruining yourself! Plus, you can always go to a local grocery store or local market for seasonal produces to find low-cost snacks.

3. Hotel

Most hotels are now in direct connectivity, which means that the distribution of their rates is done on a large scale automatically. This ensures price parity, ie transparency and fairness in the prices offered. Nevertheless, most hotels offer added value to their rate offers if you book directly with them. Thus, it is favorable for you to call the hotel establishment of your choice or to go to see their personal website to benefit from this added value, at the same price as all sites offers. For example, at Best Western PLUS Downtown Quebec, you get free breakfast when you book directly with us, at the same rate as at Booking or at Expedia. This offer is only available if you contact us directly via phone. Shop smart for a cheap trip to Quebec City!

4. Activities

After you have moved, you are fed and have stayed in a hotel without spending a fortune, it is time to find activities to do. Of course, you can still walk in the old town, but there are several free or budget friendly options available in the city. For example, during the summer season, you can have a picnic in a beautiful park in the city, discover beautiful municipal pools, discover the banks of the St. Lawrence River by going to Sainte-Foy, paint on ceramic, go visit some museums including Érico, the chocolate museum. You can also enjoy a beautiful day of sun on the banks of the Montmorency River at Montmorency Falls Park or enjoy the view from the Quebec ferry. In winter, skating, cross-country skiing and snowshoeing are easily accessible sports at many places in the city and equipment rental is not expensive. You can also enjoy festivals and free activities organized in Quebec City, such as the snow pentathlon. The access to the Quebec Winter Carnival is not very expensive either, the Festilumieres of the Quebec Aquarium is also a low-budget activity. There is much more available to see and try in Quebec City, several sites can help you find seasonal activities to do without breaking the bank!

Of course, the time you make your reservations is also crucial to take advantage of substantial discounts. Most tourism businesses vary their rates according to supply and demand. So you must shop for prizes, not only between establishments, but also over time. Generally, you will have better rates if you book in advance, at the last minute or if you try to buy during the night.

Shop your rates, you will save a lot of money and enjoy a cheap trip to Quebec City!

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