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Vertical Project of the Canyon Sainte-Anne

In search for thrills? The vertical project of the Canyon Sainte-Anne is very indicated!

They have incredible activity to offer, and you can even try them with your family! The vertical project of the Canyon Sainte-Anne has many Via Ferrata trails  to offer located just 30 minutes from Quebec City.

Canyon Sainte-Anne is a majestic park located east of the city, where you can find many safe and secure trails, including footbridges over the sinuous Sainte-Anne-du-Nord River. In addition, in the heart of the Canyon is a fall of more than 74 meters, higher than Niagara Falls, and many observation points. The park was forged over 1.2 billion years ago in the rocks of America, so you can walk to the very heart of natural history!

Numerous games and animated trails are also available, making your family day a time combining learning and fun! Among other things, a giant puzzle, enchanted stories, and more are available throughout your journey in the vertical project of Canyon St. Anne. Game modules are also available to children to enjoy the great outdoors! A restaurant is available on the site, offering a beautiful terrace in the undergrowth and a delicious seasonal menu.

However, the most pleasant activity is, without hesitation, the vertical project of Canyon Sainte-Anne, also called Via Ferrata, and its gigantic zipline! The Via Ferrata is a walking course on steep walls, attached to a continuous cable and abseiling. If you are dizzy, think twice, because you will ride beside, among other things, the famous fall of Canyon Sainte-Anne! Several courses are available, including the “La marmite du géant” (450 meters) package, the “La grande virée” (750 meters) package, the “La chute” (600 meters) package and the “Le chevronné” (1000 meters) package. Each course offers a different level of difficulty and is therefore accessible for different age groups. Via Ferrata is for everyone from the age of 6! In addition, the zipline, suspended 60 meters above the gorge of Canyon Sainte-Anne, is a unique experience!

The Vertical Project at Canyon Sainte-Anne is a unique adventure to try with family or friends. You will find adrenaline, challenge, but also a lot of fun, laughter and pleasant memories!

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