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5 good reasons to visit the Strom Spa in Old Quebec City

The Old Quebec City Strom Spa just opened and we tested it for you. Here are 5 good reasons for you to go to the Storm Spa in Old Quebec City whether you live in Quebec or you passing by for couple of nights.

1. Because it’s an urban spa … with a view of the St. Lawrence River!

The location alone justifies a visit to Strom Spa in Old Quebec City. Indeed, by its location on Champlain Boulevard it offers a magnificent view of the St. Lawrence River all year around. Nothing is more enjoyable watching the drifting ice and the boats from a warm comfortable pool.

2. To swim in a heated pool in the middle of winter

One of the swimming pool facing the St. Lawrence River is actually big enough so you can do some lengths. There is nothing more pleasant during winter!

3. To walk in the inner / outer river

You must try the indoor / outdoor river during your visit at the Strom Spa in Old Quebec City. You can start your swim indoors and then go out and finish your course outdoors.

4. For the floating pool

Few spa offers this type of pools eventhough they are sensational! Indeed, it is a saltwater pool in which you can lie down and float on the surface, and sometimes time goes by fast while you take a nap! When you immerse your ears in the water you will hear soft and relaxing music. It seems that twenty minutes in the floating pool is equivalent to several hours of sleep! It is also recommended for expecting mothers who suffer from back pain or joint sensitivity. Pamper yourself!

5. For the sauna with a view

Enjoying some time in a sauna is usually very pleasant. However, you have not enjoyed a real sauna if you did not try the one at the Old Quebec Strom spa. This one has a beautiful bay window with a direct and spectacular view of the St. Lawrence River! Relax in warm weather and enjoy incredible views in all seasons.

6. For the restaurant (bonus)

In addition to all the aquatic pleasures, the Strom Spa’s restaurant will allow you to calm your hunger in a healthy way. Indeed, the Spa’s restaurant offers many tasty and balanced dishes all perfected for you well-being and boost your health benefit from your visit!

Even if you are not a big spa fan, there is no doubt that everyone should try, at least, once the Strom Spa in Old Quebec City. Who knows, you could fell under its charm and never want to leave!

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