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What to do in Quebec in September

Summer is always filled with activities, outings, festivals, events … but the summer is almost at its end and, at one point, one wonders what to do in Quebec City in September?

In September, there isn’t only Labor Day! This is still the ideal time to enjoy the mild temperatures and beautiful scenery quietly announcing the end of summer and upcoming fall. We have therefore prepared a few suggestions of things to do and events to attend Quebec City in September.

1- Burger Week

Burgers lovers, this event is for you! Burger Week allows you to discover original and exclusive burgers by participating restaurants from September 1 to 7, 2020.


2- Exhibition Imagine Van Gogh at Centre des congrès Quebec

Discover the immersive Image Van Gogh exhibition at the Québec City Convention Center. Walk through the heart of the giant images extracted from the painter’s paintings and admire the many details found in each of them. Almost 200 paintings are waiting for you! Hurry, the exhibition ends on September 13, 2020.

Informations : imagine-vangogh.ca

3- Miller Zoo at Frampton

Located 45 minutes from the Pont de Quebec, the Miller Zoo is above all a zoological garden and a wildlife rehabilitation center. Discover more than 150 animals of 60 different species in their spacious natural surroundings. You will be charmed to meet Shangai the lion, Sheira the tigress and Nahla the lioness who live together among others! The zoo is open for the summer period 7 days a week from 9:30 AM to 5 PM until September 29.

Informations : millerzoo.ca

4- Apple picking on Île d’Orléans”][vc_column_text]

With summer coming to an end, it’s a tradition to go apple picking. Although there are several places in Quebec to do this activity, I have a slight preference for going on Île d’Orléans. . It also allows you to discover some other local products such as ciders, wines and squash. If you have a dog, some places will even accept them as long as they are on a leash of course!

Informations : autocueillette.com

5- Pumpkin and squash picking

With fall just around the corner, squash and pumpkins are a must! Whether it’s to simply decorate them for Halloween or to prepare delicious soups for the colder weather, picking squash and pumpkin is always a fun activity for families.

Informations : autocueillette.com

6- Do some mountain biking in Quebec

If you love doing mountain biking then this article is for you! We made the top 5 of the most beautiful places for mountain biking in Quebec! Whether you are a beginner, advanced or an expert in this sport, you will certainly find a place that you like in our list.

Discover our top 5 of the most beautiful places for mountain biking in Quebec

7- Having a picnic with family or with friends

With fall approaching, color changes will also be in order. So why not have a picnic in its wonderful colorful landscapes? So it also makes great shots for memories of your adventure. Here are 7 places to have a picnic in Quebec. Here are 7 places to have a picnic in Quebec.

Discover the 7 places to have a picnic in Quebec.

8- A relaxation day at a nordik spa

No matter the season, a day in a Nordic spa is always fun to relax and enjoy life! Although there are several locations across Quebec City, each Spa has its own unique touch in order to differentiate itself from others. Here is a list of Nordic spas to try during your visit to Quebec.

Discover the various Nordic spas to try.

9- Observation of the White Geese at Cap Tourmente

The arrival of white geese at Cap Tourmente Wildlife Reserve indicates that autumn is about to happen. Enjoy the enchanting site located about 45 minutes from Quebec City for a beautiful hike on trails and marvel at the sight of thousands of geese came to rest on the banks of the St-Lawrence.

Informations : canada.ca

10- Whale watching at Tadoussac

At just under 4 hours’ drive from Quebec City, Tadoussac is the place to be for whale watching. The meeting of the Saguenay Fjord with the St-Lawrence River makes this place a paradise for many species of marine mammals and whales that can be observed. The period of September is particularly conducive plus offers breathtaking scenery!

Informations : www.croisieresaml.com/

11- The must-see attractions in Quebec City

We have put together a top 10 of the attractions to see in Quebec, from a walk in Old Quebec to admiring the Montmorency Falls. You will certainly find a favorite among these.

Discover the top 10 attractions to see in Quebec.

With these 11 suggestions for activities and events, I hope that you’ll stop wonder what to do in Quebec City in September. Whether you’re travelling in couple, with friends or with the whole family, the variety isn’t lacking. Follow our blog for more ideas and suggestions throughout the year!

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