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Slipknot at the Quebec City Summer Festival

The heavy metal band Slipknot was announced at the Quebec City Summer Festival 2019 on July 8th!


Quebec is well known on the international scene for being a huge fan of rock and heavy metal. For many years, well-known groups have appeared on the Plains of Abraham’s Bell scene, such as Metallica, Ramstein, Iron Maiden, and so on. This year, for the 51th edition of the Quebec City Summer Festival, Slipknot will be on this massive stage for the first time.


For those who do not know them, Slipknot is an American band from Iowa. It is composed of 9 members, including leader-singer Corey Taylor, also lead singer of Stone Sour Band. Mike Portnoy, the former Dream Theater drummer has recently joined the band as the lead drummer. They have produced 5 albums to date including Iowa and All Hope is Gone. A 6th album is planned for August 2019, so we will have the chance to hear some of their songs premiere this summer as All Out Life.


They have had many hits in their career, such as Wait and bleed, Psychosocial, Devil and I, and Duality. All members are masked and disguised as psychedelic clowns and their image evolves enormously during their career. However, their mask could be recognized anywhere!



Slipknot, although one of a kind, has earned many distinctions over the years from major music institutions such as the Grammy Awards and the Total Guitar Readers Awards.


With their electrifying energy, their unique ability to create a striking and chaotic atmosphere and their songs with aggressive themes, Slipknot’s passage at the Quebec City Summer Festival is not recommended for young children. Nevertheless, heavy metal fans will be fully satisfied on July 8 th as part of their visit to the FEQ 2019.


Do not miss Slipknot’s passage at the Quebec City Summer Festival on July 8, 2019!


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