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Activities to do at Ile d’Orleans

Are you looking for activities to do at Ile d’Orleans? You will find several around the island for all ages!

Wondering what to do at Orleans Island? Note that fall period is the perfect time to head to Orleans Island for a day outdoors. By car, the tour of the island and 75km may take about 1h30 to 2h. But as you will stop in every small craft shops that you will come across, your day will pass quickly !Here are some suggestions of 10 activities to do at Orleans Island

1. Pick your own apples

Many orchards offer self-picking apples from mid-August to mid-October like:
– Cider Verger Bilodeau
– Cider Orchard Joe Giguère
– Domaine de la Marguerite source
– Farm Guillaume Létourneau
– Farm Gaston Drouin
– Farm Le Beau Markon
– Polyculture Plante inc. ( Cider House at the End of the Island )


2. Pick your own pumpkins and gourds

Several producers offer self-picking pumpkins and gourds from mid-August to mid-October, including these:
Farm G. Roberge
Orleans area


3. Visit vineyards during the harvest

Whether it is for a simple or full tasting, or a walk through the vineyards, many vineyards are located on the Orleans Island, such as these:

– Domaine de la Marguerite source
– Vineyard Domaine des 3 Moulins
– Vignola Isle de Bacchus
– Vineyard Mitan
– Vineyard Domaine l’ Ange-Gardien


4. Pond Fishing

Orleans Island is the country in the city ! Looking for a bold activity to do with children? Fishing with the whole family is possible!
Fish Farm Richard Boily (by appointment only from 1 September)


5. Golf in a beautiful setting

Golf enthusiasts are filled at Orleans Island, who has two beautiful golf courses.
Golf Club Orleans; the oldest golf course in North America since 1868.
Club de Golf St – Laurent ; built on the highest point of the island, the course offers a spectacular view of the St. Lawrence River and the Laurentian Mountains .


6. Visit space Félix -Leclerc

Open year round, the Espace Félix -Leclerc presents the work of poet Félix Leclerc. This place includes a song booth that hosts known Quebec musicians and French names and most talented emerging artists. A permanent exhibition on the life and work of Felix Leclerc and a center of rich documentation in audio and video sources is also available, including a 20-minute video projection made by Francis, Felix’s son, from 50 years of archives is presented at the song booth. During the summer season, original works of renowned artists are also featured. Finally, outside paths permits to discover the interior of the island, woods and cultivated fields a littered with poetry.


7. Visit a farm

Whether it is to get quality fresh products directly from the producer, to pick your own fruits and various vegetables or to discover the wonders of the agricultural community and farmer, several farms are open to the public including the following:

– Farm The taste of yesteryear
– Farm Liz Ouellet
– Helen Norma farm –
– The OC Farm
– Farm R. Giguère
– Farm Le Beau Markon
– Farm Gaston Drouin
– Leonce Plant Farm
– Farm Guillaume Létourneau


8. Visit the “Seigneurie de l’Île d’Orleans” (Orleans Island Lordship)

“ Come take a stroll in our six extensive gardens (including a garden with 75 000 lavender bushes) that cover about 10 hectares (12.1 acres). Lovingly tended for nearly a decade, these gardens are considered among the most beautiful private gardens in Canada. (…) Take a guided tour to discover the secrets of the Five Sense, Fruit Tree, Shaded, Japanese and Aboriginal Gardens. You are also free to walk around the Lavender Garden to explore it on your own. ” Source tourisme.iledorleans.com


9 . Visit economuseum Cassis Monna & Filles

” Cassis Monna & filles has been synonymous with passion and innovation since 1992. The company has mastered the art of transforming black currants – harvested on Île d’Orléans – into products of the highest quality, including a Crème de Cassis that earned the 1995 Gold Medal Award at the prestigious European contest in Ljubljana, Slovenia. The company also produces three aperitif wines as well as a wine jelly, a syrup, an onion jam, a black currant jelly, a mustard and other black currant delicacies. ” Source www.cassismonna.com

Following the free tasting in lovely vaults wine cellar, visitors are invited to visit the interpretation center of ECONOMUSEUM to learn more about the cassis. Or, taste the delights of gourmet corner The Monnaguette enjoying the lovely terrace.


10 . Visit the Marine Park of St. Lawrence

” Discover the Parc maritime de Saint-Laurent against a picturesque backdrop including a magnificent view of the St. Lawrence River and the south shore of the City of Québec. As you do, you’ll learn all about wooden shipbuilding in the olden days on Île d’Orléans. Whether alone, with friends or with family, cast your anchor at the Parc maritime! ” Source: parcmaritime.ca

You thirst for information? It is possible to enjoy an audioguide that guides you through your visit. The audio is available on CD and can be purchased or rented at the tourist information office at the entrance to the island.


I hope these 10 suggestions of activities to do at Orléans Island will guide you through your discovery of this wonderful region.

For more information on the Orleans Island, visit www.tourisme.iledorleans.com

Enjoy your visit !

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