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5 reasons to book directly with the hotel

In the era of social networking and booking sites, doing business with the hotel directly remains the safest way to get a room at the lowest price.

With the popularity of third-party websites like Expedia, Booking.com, Priceline and others, it’s easy for travelers to lose the north when time comes to book a cheap hotel for their getaway. Although these sites seem to offer cheaper rates than hotels themselves, contacting hotels directly remains the safest and most convenient way to book a hotel room. Whether it is for a broader and more detailed knowledge of each institution’s policies, the ease of changing or canceling a reservation or simply eliminating the intermediary between the client and the hotel, the reasons for dealing directly with those who offer the product are legions.

Eliminate intermediaries to avoid errors

You know the concept of the Arabic phone, the principle that dictates that a message that passes through several people will necessarily be distorted over the people who relay it? Well this concept also applies in the field of hotel business with third parties. Whether it is for special requests related to your stay, or simply the type of room that suits you most, it is best to speak directly to those who know the product by heart, instead of doing business with a call center Located in India or in China. Although hoteliers try to display as much information as possible about the products they offer through these sites, the fact that the content is managed by the latter limits their options as long as the information which is conveyed.

Knowledge of policies and services.

By speaking directly with hoteliers, you will also get a better idea of the policies and services that are offered at a specific facility. Whether it is the parking procedure, the security deposit policy, whether the hotel’s that are pet friendly or if some more specific services are available, it is highly likely that the hotel’s employees will have a better knowledge Of these features than employees of a third party company who have never set foot in the said hotel.
Moreover, who better position than the inhabitants of the city you are going to visit to help you choose the establishment closest to the sites you want to visit? By the way, if you want to travel with your pet and you wonder which hotel offers this service, there is a website that indexes the establishments welcome the four-legged hairball: eleveurs.ca

Customize your reservation.

Another advantage of booking directly with the hotel is the ability to make special requests about your room directly to those who will take care of it. You need a large work area, a bath seat or a room with a balcony, it is quite possible that the partner site will not be able to guarantee the availability of these services. You will also be able to modify or cancel your booking more easily by avoiding intermediaries as they must contact the hotel directly if their change and cancellation policies differ.

As a hotel often has several promotions available at the same time, and that activities and services such as meals can be added to the reservation, it is better, once again, to speak directly with an employee who knows the terms of these promotions and packages.

Rate parity.

Although third party offers seem more attractive, most large hotel chains have a tariff parity policy, which guarantees the customer the best available price for a given date under the same conditions. As hotels pay commissions to booking agencies, they generally prefer to offer the same price to their client if they book directly with them than to pay the commission to the third party.

Read the comments on the different establishments.

It is true that most of the booking sites have their own pages where it is possible to read reviews of hotels left by customers who made their reservation through their website. Independent website TripAdvisor, the leader in the industry, is a very handy tool to make an informed choice if you make the decision to do business directly with the hotel. Bringing together hotels, airlines and restaurants, this site contains all the information you need to plan all aspects of your trip. To view the site, click on the following link: TripAdvisor

Pour consultez le site, cliquez sur le lien suivant : TripAdvisor

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