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5 original activities to do in confinement

As containment stretches out, the days can become long. Here are 5 original activities to do at home instead of being bored at home.


Don’t you miss the good old days where you would build a castle made of blankets and pillows? Now is the perfect time to jump back into your childhood and build a fort! Whether you’re alone or with your family, all you need is a few pins, sheets, books and blankets to transform your furniture into a secret fort worthy of the name.


Lackof space? DIY or buy a few stars to decorate your ceiling, and take advantage of this “indoor outdoor” moment to sleep under the stars… without the mosquitoes!


Diversify your skills

Everyone talks about it, but only a few really do it! This confinement time is ideal for opening up your horizons and diversifying your areas of interest. From cooking to meditation, crafts, knitting and singing, any idea is good. Some even require very little material. Need an example? With the free applications available on smart phones and the internet, learning a new language is accessible to everyone! Better yet, once you have learned the basics, the internet will become the most suitable playground for testing your new knowledge without spending a penny!

Whether it’s watching videos online, reading stories, or chatting with new friends on social media, the experience promises to be rewarding. Remember that machine translators have improved a lot in recent years and can allow you to confirm what you think you have understood from your interactions with the new dialect of your choice. So, what are you waiting for?



With the closure of several physical training centers due to health measures, staying in shape can become a headache. Even though walking remains an easy way to overcome the situation, the cold weather that sets in could undermine the motivation of many. However, it’s good to know that there is a whole host of isometric exercises and stretches that require very little equipment, if at all.


A short internet search can therefore allow you to diversify your training routine, or even, to create one for yourself. Some sites even offer online yoga, pilates, dance or cardio classes for those who would prefer to get back into shape under professional supervision. Confinement or not, physical activity remains an accessible and healthy way to spend your time.


Do some Arts & Crafts

Alone or with the family, whether you are an adult or even a youngster, tinkering is a fun way to let go of your crazy. Whether you are an avid follower of manual creativity or an inexperienced beginner. The internet is full of a variety of ideas to suit all tastes and budgets, from the simplest to the most complex.


From beading projects to scale models and from sewing to scrapbooking, a few minutes of YouTube tutorials or research on Pinterest is sure to inspire you. Why not then take the opportunity to redecorate your home with your results? In addition to giving a unique touch to your decor, your works of art will become visible proofs of the pleasure and pride obtained in stepping out of your comfort zone. Well worth a try, right?


Check out our 5 suggestions for simple and original DYI arts and crafts!


Cooperative activities

As we saw in the spring, the most difficult part of the lockdown is the lack of social activity. Use your social networks to create ‘treasure hunt’ type relay races or invent puzzles or general knowledge games, for example!

Lover of good food? Organize a thematic tasting by video! How? ‘Or’ What? It is about allocating a small budget within which everyone chooses a suitable product from a given supplier. For the occasion, each participant will then have to pick up a small portion of each selected item and sit in front of their screen with them to enjoy them by video conference with the other guests. The most important part to remember is to calculate that all “guests” will have to pay an amount equal to the total of each serving. It will therefore be necessary to ensure that the criteria respect each person’s constraints. That said, with online flyers available for the majority of major grocery stores, it shouldn’t be too difficult to agree on a fun and original list, while also making it easier to manage everyone’s dietary restrictions. Good tasting!


We hope you will like our suggestions for the 5 original activities to do in confinement!

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