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What to do during holidays in Quebec City


With an activity offering as comprehensive as the National Capital Region proposes, it’s normal to wonder what to do during the holidays in Quebec City.


Whether dog sledding, snowshoeing, skiing, hiking in the forest, a visit to the museum, you have the choice of entertainment when you spend time in our beautiful city and I propose some activities so that you won,t have to look further to find out what to do during the holidays in Quebec City.


Festilumières at the Aquarium of Quebec.

Since most of its residents must stay indoors during the harsh winter months, the Aquarium du Québec is offering families the chance to roam its outdoor park which they fill with more than half a million LED lights to create a breathtaking environment. The activity is available every evening from December 26 to January 5 at a cost of $ 11.25 for adults and $ 7.25 for children / teenagers aged between 3 and 17 years old.

Discover Festilumière at the Aquarium of Quebec.


Operation Paws and Boots at the Citadel.

To mark their special relationship with animals, whether on mission or in exercise, the Royal 22nd Regiment’s soldiers offer families an incursion into this cooperation that has lasted more than 100 years. Join Batisse the goat, the eleventh of the name, the mascot of the most famous regiment in French-Canada to discover the sometimes unexpected links that unite Canadian soldiers and wildlife. The activity is free for children 11 and under accompanied by an adult and parking is also free.


Ice rink at Place d’Youville.

Located at the foot of Porte Saint-Jean and the fortifications of Old Quebec City, the Place d’Youville skating rink offers the opportunity to skate in a breathtaking setting, as early as mid-November thanks to its high technology refrigeration system. This system also ensures superior ice quality at all times. Neophyte of ice skating and you do not have the necessary equipment? Never mind since there is a rental service on site and the possibility of renting a “skating support”, just to make sure you don’t end up on your butts too often.



The ice ring in the Plains of Abraham.

Do you need more space to blossom in Quebecers’ preferred sport of ice skating? The Plains of Abraham ice ring is the perfect place with a trail that stretches for more than a kilometer and has the capacity to accommodate more than 350 skaters at a time. As at Place d’Youville, it is possible to rent all the necessary equipment for the safe practice of the sport, from skates to helmets to beginners’ packages that also include the famous skating rack. A snack bar offers a variety of small snacks and hot beverages.


Strom Nordic Spa Old Quebec City

After skating all day, what better than a day of well-deserved relaxation. Located on the shores of the St. Lawrence River, the brand-new Strom Nordic Spa is the perfect place to recharge your batteries. The establishment offers all the services of a traditional spas such as massages and beauty treatments, in addition to the thermal experience that makes its reputation around the world. Temperate, icy, floating baths, Finnish saunas and the “zerobody” experience that will transport your body and soul into another dimension are all at your disposal in this ultra-modern complex. For more information, we invite you to visit our blog dedicated to the Strom Spa : 5 good reasons to visit Strom Spa in Old Quebec City.


The great Christmas market (Grand Marché).

With a great opening last spring, the Grand Marché de Québec offers an environment inspired by the Christmas atmosphere of the yesteryear. On the menu, culinary workshops that will give you plenty of ideas to impress your holiday guests and involve your little ones, funky new products, animation for both adults and children and my personal favorite: the hot chocolate bar!!!!


German Christmas market.

Not to be confused with the event at the Grand Marché de Québec, the German market has become a must-see for families and couples staying in Quebec City during the holiday season. Housed in the gardens of the City Hall and for the past 2 years also at the Place de l’Hotel de Ville, the market combines traditional German products such as sauerkraut, sausage and handicrafts from this European country, the birthplace of first Santa Claus, Saint Nicholas. The event runs from November 21 to December 23 and to learn more, we invite you once again to visit our blog post on the German market in Quebec City.


Frima: Christmas magic at the Woodooliparc.

Located just minutes-driving from Quebec City, the brand-new theme park Woodooliparc presents Frima: the magic of Christmas, every day from December 22 to December 31. Come hunt the elf, try to get out of the labyrinth, listen to tales and legends around a campfire or write to Santa at a post office specially arranged for the occasion. Children will also have the opportunity to participate in toy making workshops, slide and have fun in the tunnels and other surprises proposed by those cheeky elfs.


Valcartier Vacation Village Complex..

Now regrouping the winter gliding center, the ice hotel and the Bora Parc indoor water park, the Village Vacances Valcartier complex offers a wide range of activities for the whole family as well as for couples. Forget the inconvenience of winter by spending the day in tropical environment, plunge-back into the winter with a visit to the spectacular ice hotel or fall back into childhood on the slopes of the gliding center then conclude the day with a warming fondue meal. There is really something for everyone at Valcartier Vacation Village.



Toboggan Festival and New Year festivities.

A list of what to do during the holidays in Quebec City would not be complete without the event that makes us switch to the new year, especially this year as it’s the team of the Quebec City Summer Festival, the largest music festival in Canada that brings with the party. And since they never half-do things, it is 4 days of festivities awaiting residents and visitors of Quebec from December 28th. For the occasion, an outdoor stage will be set up at Place Georges V and will welcome internationally renowned artists such as DVBBS and Dj Zedd.


. For New Year’s Eve, we add a scene in front of the National Assembly to present a concert of traditional music that will feature The Painchaud Family and Les Tireux d’Roches (the rock slingers). For those who are tired of hearing rigodons (traditional Quebec music) and singalong songs, the scene of Place Georges V remains the place of choice with performance by the Ontario duo Loud Luxury, favorite of the last electro night at the FEQ. A more thorough review of the festivities is available with our blog on the Toboggan festival.


Read ou blog article; on Toboggan festival and New Yeaer festivties.


Do not look further for what to do during the holidays in Quebec City! This list will keep you busy throughout your stay in the region of the National Capital.


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