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Visit Vol315, a dinosaur themed park by Woodooliparc near Quebec

Did you know that near Quebec City, there is actually a dinosaur themed park that you can visit? That is what Woodooliparc is now offering during its Summer period.


This outdoor activity is located about 20 minutes from the Pont de Quebec, right next to Noah Spa Scott and La cache à Maxime. Vol315 immerses you into the dinosaur era where you can view 120 lifesize dinosaurs (15 which are animated like the infamous Tyranosaurus Rex!). Each dinosaur has a board with their name and additional information to read. The average time spent at this park is about 3 hours depending on the activities you do. Be aware that everything is in French.


So what should one expect from Vol315? Here’s how my visit went.

I have been wanting to visit this dinosaur park ever since I heard about on Facebook. After rewatching every Jurassic Park and Jurassic World movies on Netflix, I ended up taking my family (because my 2 year old son is a dinosaur maniac!) to visit Woodooliparc during the week-end.


Good to know : babies/toddlers that are 0 to 2 years old get to enter for FREE !

I purchased my tickets online (including for my son even if he was free), selected the date and hour I would be going to visit. Why ? They gained a lot of popularity for their different park themes during the year so they highly suggested purchasing online ahead of time via their website.


Just before passing the gates to enter the park, they are props that make the ideal souvenir pictures, one is for sure with a dinosaur and the other is a busted up jeep. We had a blast placing our toddler in the dino’s mouth. In truth, they are several ideal spots made for taking the perfect picture for your souvenir album, so take advantage of them and be creative !


Walk through the paths and discover many types of dinosaurs from different times, from the well known Brachiosaurus, Triceratops and the Tyrannosaure Rex to the lessen known yet still impressive Stegosaures, Dimetrodon and Parasaurolophus.


Don’t miss the chance to see how your kids react when they encounter the animated dinosaurs. It’s definately worth the home video ! My son was very impressed by the T-Rex and we actually came back to see that dinosaur 5 times until he finally didn’t runaway upon hearing its roar.


On the site, you also have a section where kids can dig to discover dinosaur bones and try their very best to identify it. You can also bring your lunch and eat peacefully on the picnic tables (about a dozen) or try out the Food Stop which offers the popular items such as fries, pogos, slush, etc).


After touring the park a few times, we headed out to the show area where it was time to let out the baby T-Rex ! We were then offered the opportunity to pet and take pictures with him. A lot of the kids present just loved this !


The gift shop offers many kinds of souvenirs with reasonable prices. Ranging from the traditional stuffed dinosaurs to small & mediom figurines and of course books for all ages.


So in the end, if your kids like and even love dinosaurs, you definately want to check this place out. I had a blast watching my kid running around and naming me each dinosaur, but also reading about them (when I wasn’t running after my son!). Looking forward to vist next year.

Woodooliparc’s expedition Vol315: a dinosaur era, an activity like no other!


295 Rue Drouin, Scott, QC G0S 3G0
woodooliparc.com (website in French only)

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