Travel card

These rechargeable gift cards are perfect for yourself or for a special person who is always on an adventure overseas, to whom you would want to make a gift. Why? Because the Travel Card can be used in all 4,400 BEST WESTERN hotels around the world to cover all the costs of your accommodation, whether for room, parking, catering or any service you can add to your hotel bill. Moreover, they never expire, so you can get them without fearing that your investment will be lost.

While you are ordering your Best Western gift cards, take advantage of this opportunity to learn about the Best Western Rewards Club, Best Western Rewards, to earn points while staying in one of the many Best Western property. You can redeem your Best Western Rewards points for free nights at any Best Western Property or gift cards , but also purchase gift cards from several of our partner retailers such as Walmart, Best Buy, Apple Store, Amazon, Starbucks and many more. It is also possible to redeem your Best Western Rewards points for accessories of all kinds such as televisions, kitchen equipment, sports, fashion accessories, power tools, as well as a multitude of other items ideal for home, work and travel.

The journey begins now!

Get your Best Western Travel Card right away by calling one of the Best Western hotels or check out our website and our brand new shopping cart, which not only allows you to buy Best Western Travel Cards, But also a range of quality products that are found in our rooms such as bathrobes, pillows and the like.

Did you know?

Best Western`s Travel Card® allows you to fit over 100 countries worldwide into your wallet!

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