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Top 5 festivals in Quebec City


I present to you the top 5 festival in Quebec City that you have to at least try once in your life !


Quebec City is known to be the host of many festivals throughout the year. From music shows on the Plaines of Abraham and downtown Quebec to magic and celtic festivals, you are sure to find at least one that is to your taste!


Here are the top 5 festivals not to miss when you are in Quebec City :


1- Quebec City Summer Festival


The Quebec City Summer Festival (better known in French as Festival d’ete de Quebec ) is the biggest and most popular festival in Quebec. In the month of July, the festival offers 11 days filled with music of all kinds, more than 300 shows on 10 different stages throughout the city for a very reasonable price of 115$ (prices change every year).


Big name artists have performed at the Summer Festival such as Iron Maiden, Rammstein, Black Eyed Peas, Three Days Grace, Dance Laury Dance, Eric Lapointe, The Black Keys, Akon, Sting, Styx, The Lost Fingers, Marie-Mai, Elton John, Metallica, and the list goes on!

If you are a fan of music or just want to discover new groups, then don’t miss the next Summer Festival.




2- New France Festival


The New France Festival has been around for 20 years now and it remains as popular as when it first started. This festival offers well over 400 activities which are spread out on 5 days during early August. Access to some activities require the famous medalion which can be purchased for only 12$ (prices may vary each year).


Dive into this unique and festive event that showcase 17th and 18th century in America !




3- Festivent Ville de Levis


This festival takes place in Levis and has become quite popular these past few years. Get ready for 5 nights filled with rock, hip-hop and electro music presented by international artists. In the past years, the artists and performers such as Three Days Grace, Walk Off The Earth, Véronique Dicaire, The Offspring, Bryan Adams, and more !


While here, be sure to enjoy the Family Corner that offers more than 30 activities to do : Jumpaï, mascot day, soccer bubble, water games, small train, flying kites, giant puppets, the small animal farm, 20 types of rides and much more !
Prices for the shows and activities varies.


http://festivent.net/ (website is in French language only)


4- Quebec City Beerfest (Festibiere)


Beer fans, this festival is for you! The Quebec City Beefest is the place to be in August with more than 80 exhibitions, cooking démonstration, microbreweries, exclusive Belgium products and entertainment. Prices vary (starting at 8$) depending on the type of package you buy.


Since 2010 the Quebec City Beerfest has continued to grow and has even spawned two other types of Beerfest: Oktoberfest in the month of October and Beerfest celebrates St-Patricks in the month of March).


So no worries, if you miss one, at least you have 2 other Beerfest to try out ! 😉


http://festibieredequebec.com/ (website is in French language only)


5- Envol & Macadam Festival


This festival is very popular and takes place right here in downtown Quebec City for only 3 days during the month of September. One of the main goals of this festival is to showcase emerging bands to the crowd of Envol & Macadam.


The price of a regular pass is 50$ (taxes and fees included) and it gives you full access to all concerts on all sites during the festival.


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