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Top 5 cozy restaurants in Quebec City

We offer you this Top 5 cozy restaurants in Quebec City to allow you to enjoy an evening full of joy with your friends and family.

With an almost unlimited catering offer, Quebec stands out not only by the quality of its cuisine but also by its diversity. That’s why I propose you a Top 5 of the cozy restaurants in Quebec City, so that you can enjoy some quality time in the company of loved ones in a welcoming atmosphere.


5 – La Grolla. 815 coast of Abraham (418) 529-8107.

What could be more warm and friendly than a cheese, Chinese, Burgundy or a raclette meal to live a convivial evening in good company? The restaurant La Grolla (link to web site https://www.restaurantlagrolla.com/) offers a family atmosphere in a typical Swiss setting, specialists in the world of cheese fondue. Whether you are a meat lover or a vegetarian, you can share a delicious fondue or a carefree raclette.

4 – Bistro L’Atelier, 624 Grande Allée East. 418 522-2225.

Not only has Bistro L’Atelier  quickly become the place to be for friends and family, but it is also an ideal destination for a meal with family or with co-workers. Although it offers a modern and trendy decor, the friendly service and festive atmosphere contribute to creating a warm atmosphere that moves away from the coldness that is usually found in more “chic” places. Specializing in tartar and cocktails, L’Atelier offers original creations that will surprise you and appeal to all types of clientele.

3 – Chez Biceps BBQ, 5151 Boulevard Henri-Bourassa (418) 914-5991.

Located in the trailer of the late Gerry Pizza, an institution in Quebec City for decades, Chez Biceps BBQ offers an atmosphere that will make you think of an evening at the chalet, accompanied by a Texans style BBQ menu that will satisfy the expectations of the finest enthusiasts of the genre. Do not be fooled by the exterior look a little wardrobe, the establishment is beautifully decorated to create the sought after ambience that makes its reputation.

2 – L’Affaire est Ketchup, 46 Rue Saint-Joseph Est 418 529-9020.

Still very popular since its opening almost 4 years ago, L’Affaire is Ketchup is a restaurant of about twenty places that made its mark with a very family kitchen but Ô how creative. You will feel like in the kitchen of your mother who would have made a leap in the future to learn new techniques in order to modify her recipes to make them even more flavorful. It is highly recommended to book because the places are quite limited.

1 – iX pour Bistro 1104 18th Street 418-914-8525.

Hidden treasure of Quebec City, iX for Bistro has become a must for every foodies eager to experience a unique culinary experience of superior quality. This small restaurant creates a cozy ambience with a very limited number of seats, which allows them to offer personalized service and a unique gourmet menu carefully prepared. As it is the case with restaurants of this size, the establishment is only accessible by reservation, and I advise you not to hesitate for too long since its growing reputation means their reservation book is often full months in advance.

Whether it is a tiny rustic-style establishment or a trendy restaurant with a modern decor, there are many ways to enjoy a culinary experience in a friendly atmosphere. This Top 5 of the cozy restaurants in Quebec City proves it without a doubt.

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