Top 10 Cafes in Quebec City


Coffe shops have been very popular for a few years now and Quebec City has not missed out! The coffee shops open in large numbers in the old capital and the flavors and experiences are memorable! In fact, Quebec stands out mainly for its thematic cafés, its many local coffee roasting plant and its exceptional flavors. Thus, we present you the top 10 most delicious and original coffees of our amazing city!


Located in the heart of Nouvo Saint-Roch, corner du Roi and de la Couronne, the Café In is quiet, bright and warm. Its modern atmosphere and multiple tables allow you to work efficiently with a good coffee in hand, in a dynamic atmosphere. Moreover, what distinguishes this café from the others is the delicious wine bar section offering private imported wines by the glass! So, after a caffeinated day of work, you can enjoy happy hour with a good glass of wine.



Located on Saint-Joseph Street, in the very heart of Nouvo Saint-Roch district, the Ceramic café offers specialty coffees and snacks in an unparalleled artistic atmosphere! Indeed, in addition to enjoying a delicious coffee, you are invited to let your inner child express itself on a beautiful piece of premolded ceramics. Burst yourself with family or friends enjoying a delicious cup of coffee prepared with care. What’s better than a day of creation and comfort during a rainy day in November …



Located in Limoilou, the Nektar Caféologue focuses on its wide variety of specialty coffees and its warm atmosphere. In addition, you can get coffee training and buy their products to enjoy Nektar coffee every day from your home or office! There is no reason to drink bad coffee from now on…!



Saint-Henri it’s a ton of great coffee vareities in a modern and friendly mood, great for team work and long discussions. The walls are composed of large garage doors that open during the beautiful summer days and leave you with a magnificent view during the beautiful snowy days of winter. However, what puts the St. Henri on the flavor podium is certainly the Sumo donuts, homemade donuts and always fresh, available year-round. There is really no better combo than a high quality donut-coffee.



True to French traditions, Paillard is a pastry & bakery that is worth the detour. The first and biggest is located on Saint-Jean Street, in the very heart of Old Quebec City. An accordionist plays there every day to put a typical atmosphere. In addition, the electrifying ambiance, delicious croissants and typical macaroons, Paillard offers tasty French coffees. There is really nothing better than spending a morning sitting on the edge of the bay windows, a croissant, a good newspaper and a coffee in your hand. There is nothing more comforting and romantic!



First and only feline coffee in Quebec, Ma Langue aux Chats is the perfect place for cat lovers. Abygaelle, Fiby, RedemixX, Nala, Slipper, Mitaine and Lustucrue are always faithful to the position, ready to give you unconditional love while you enjoy a delicious coffee. Several specialty coffees are available, but the sweet elements are not to be missed.



Quebec’s micro-roaster, Les Brûleries quickly found takers when they opened through the city. 6 roasting plants and coffe shop have been opened to date in Quebec City, in Saint-Roch, Vieux-Limoilou, Saint-Jean Street, Ste-Foy Road, Vanier and Limoilou. Several elements are available on their menu and the emphasis is really put on the customer experience and the quality of the products available. Les Brûleries are really a must if you go to Quebec City, especially those in Limoilou!



Specialized in Cold Brew (cold-brewed coffee), the Maeltrom is a small treasure to discover in the Saint-Roch district. The chic antique ambiance and the friendly and warm service will surely make you fall in love with this unpretentious café. Here, everything is done in the form of art and the flavors are reflected in every cup tasted. Plus, you can bring the complex aromas and refined taste of Maelstrom home by purchasing cold-infused coffee concentrates. A true delight that will surprise your guests during your next Sunday house brunch!



Brûlerie Rousseau offers freshly roasted coffees from over 25 countries. This wide variety of coffee offer flavors that will satisfy all tastes. The service is excellent and located in the heart of Lebourgneuf, it is a perfect place for a coffee break during a big shopping spree. It’s impossible to go shopping without a bit of comfort … Rousseau’s Brûlerie is the place to try! In addition, their pastries have won several prices and the warm and relaxed ambiance is very pleasant to enjoy a foggy Sunday morning 🙂



The Bagel Maguire Café is in our top 10, not only for its tasty specialty coffees, but mainly for its famous bagel! Located in the heart of Sillery, this café has enjoyed the success of their delicious bagel for marketing in several department stores. Discover the original flavors of their menu just out of the bread oven in the frenetic ambiance of Maguire Street, just minutes from Laval University! In addition, several great shops are found on the street and offer really original gift ideas for the holidays!



During the bleak season of November, what better to warm your heart with a delicious coffee, prepared with love and attention! We invite you to try our 10 best cafes in the city during the month of November!



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