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Experience the ultimate winter experience by spending one night at the Quebec City Ice Hotel, in a temperature below freezing.

For its 21st edition, the Ice Hotel in Quebec City offers a wide range of activities of all kinds on the Village Vacances Valcartier ground. From the simple overnight stay in one of their 44 rooms to the package including access to the slides of the largest winter park in North America, there is something to satisfy any type of clientele, from the cold-fearing to the most adventurous. Those for whom the concept of ice hotel is intriguing, without wanting to spend the night there, visits are organized every day to make them discover this architectural jewel.

To find out more, or to book your room at The Ice Hotel, check out their website. A virtuel tour is also available.

A night in an igloo … de luxe

Spending a night at the Quebec City Ice hotel is about opening up your horizons on a unique and, let us say, a bit extreme experience. As you can imagine, the ambient temperature must remain below the freezing point of 0 degrees Celsius, so the temperature of the rooms never reaches more than -3 degrees Celsius. In order for you to enjoy the experience to the fullest, the beds of all rooms, of course made from ice, are fitted with wooden bed bases and an insulating mattress. Sleeping bags that can easily withstand temperatures as low as -30 degrees Celcius are handed to you in the evening to cover you with a warm cozy blanket, essential in such an environment. You will of course need clothes for the night, and the hotel management recommends clothes that do not retain moisture, such as wool and synthetic fabrics, to spend a comfortable and warm night. It is also recommended not to wear the same sleeping clothes that you wore during the day. Spare underwear, gloves, scarves and toques are also highly recommended, just in case…

Visit the Ice Hotel in Quebec.

For the more cautious, it is possible to make a visit to the Ice Hotel in a few hours. There you will find a huge ice castle including themed rooms and suites. Each of them has grandiose sculptures that blend perfectly with the fairy-tale settings. You can stop at the chapel to admire the fascinating architecture in addition to feeling the many weddings that it has hosted. To warm you up throughout the visit, you can enjoy a cocktail served in a glass of ice. Heat stations are set up to make sure you stay warm despite all that ice. For children, they can have a lot of fun in the ice slide installed in the center of the hotel. Access to the Ice Hotel is a low price of $ 23.99 between 10:00 am and 10:00 pm. Please note that the bedroom section is reserved for customers staying there from 8:00 p.m.

To purchase your tickets online, visit their website.

A ton of activities for all.

After spending the night in the privacy and comfort of your icy room, you can choose from a multitude of activities to do as a couple or as a family. As the ice hotel will be located at Village Vacances Valcartier in 2019, you will be just a few steps from the largest winter amusement park in North America and its 35 slides, skating trails and the famous Everest, A high acceleration slide of more than 33 meters in heights, the highest in America. Thrill-seekers, you can not miss out on this unique hair-raising experience. After all the fun and emotions, let yourself be tempted by a good meal in one of the resort’s restaurants, which offers a varied selection of cuisines to suit all tastes, such as the “O Grill” or the Sports Chalet, both open year round, or Snack bar “the hut”, open only in the winter. Children’s entertainment is also offered on site, as well as the presentation of special events.

To find out about Village Vacances Valcartier’s activities and rates, visit their website.

The Bora Parc: Polynesia in the heart of winter (currently closed)

So, you have survived the experience of a night spent under the freezing point, you have benefited so much from the slides that your body’s ends have frozen, and you start to think that the cold has dominated your holiday enough? The Village Vacances Valcartier has a last card in its hand to fill your urgent need for warmth and comfort, and this card is the indoor water park Bora Parc (Veuillez noter que le Bora Parc est fermé temporairement).

Open year-round at an ambient temperature of at least 30 degrees Celsius and inspired by the heavenly atmosphere of the Polynesian Islands, this is the ideal place to end your winter getaway at the Ice Hotel. More than 14 water slides, a wave pool, restaurants and terraces await you, where you can lengthen the time to recall the pleasures of a more mild temperature.

So, if you are going through the beautiful city of Quebec during your winter holidays, let yourself be tempted by a night at the ice hotel and experience the full winter experience by taking advantage of the Village Vacances Valcartier site.