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Reservation policy

In order to guard against various problems, a guarantee and payment policy has been established. This policy applies to all our customers, without distinction.

We do not accept bookings without a credit card; This is to guarantee the payment of the first night in case you do not show up at the hotel.

Upon arrival, we will ask you for your credit card again in order to take an authorization which must cover the expenses foreseen for your stay, as well as a surplus of approximately $ 100 in order to open the credit to your room, you allowing you to pay for your restaurant, movie rental, long distance, etc. Initially, you can choose to pay your account with your credit card, debit card or cash. The authorization will then be reversed.

If you can not provide a credit card on arrival or if sufficient authorization can not be taken, then we will charge a fee for your stay and a security deposit of $ 200. You will also need to provide a valid photo ID and address (passport or driver’s license) to identify who we are to hand over the deposit upon departure. The credit will be closed to your room and you will not be able to charge your restaurant, movie rental, long distance, etc.

Initially, once the room is empty, a quick inspection of the room will be made by the housekeeper. Allow about 5 more minutes for this step. The deposit will then be returned in full to the person on the identification document taken on arrival.

Please note that the person who left their credit card or deposit becomes responsible for their room and its contents. Any material breakage, alteration, theft, cigarette smell, extra cleaning or other will be reduced to the deposit.

Anyone who does not comply with this policy will unfortunately not be able to stay with us.
The direction

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