330 Couronne St.
Quebec, G1K 6E6

iSaute trampoline center in Quebec City

Want to try something different? How about trying the trampoline center named iSaute right here in Quebec City!

The iSaute trampoline center offers tons of fun activities for children of all ages and even adults! This amusement center offers thousands of square foot of trampolines interconnected all on the same level, two spaces for trampoline basketball, a reserved field for playing the famous dodge ball game with friends, 4 sections filled with small foam cubes, so that you can jump right in and perform some aerial jumps without fear to hurt yourself (some rules must be followed).

Friday and Saturday nights from 9 pm to midnight, the iSaute transforms itself into a jumper’s nightclub! The lights go dim as the black lights and lasers are activated to add to the atmosphere. On occasion, a DJ is also present! This activity is for people that are 13 years and older.

For smaller children (under 6 years old) they have special timeslot reserved for them to fully enjoy the trampiline center from Friday to Sunday between 9 am to 10 am.

On Mondays, it’s family night! From 5 pm to closing time, families get to try the trampolines for a special rate of 35$ per hour. Time to get moving!

The iSaute trampoline center also is the ideal place to celebrate birthdays, try out the ifitness classes or the great ninja/trapeze course!

Here are a few tips to enjoy iSaute to its fullest.
– It is best to wear fitness or sports clothing… obviously !
– No shoes allowed, you enjoy the trampolines with your bare feet!
– If you have long hair, you might want to bring an elastic with you, jumping around can make your hair go crazy 😉
– If you have glasses, no worries you can keep them. However, take advantage of your friends and have them hold your glasses when you go into the sponge like pits.
– They have lockers on site; it is best to bring your own lock to keep your personal effects safe.

Be sure to visit their page for prices and opening hours: https://isaute.ca/en/

Reservations are highly recommended.
85 rue Fortin
Québec, QC G1M 3M2

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