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Indoor activities in Quebec City

Whether to avoid the rainy climate of some days, the summer heat waves or extreme cold winter times, people often opt for indoor activities in Quebec City.


Here are some suggestions for indoor activities to do in Quebec City we concocted for you to keep you entertained, no matter what Mother Nature has reserved for you!


Quebec’s Aquarium

The Aquarium of Quebec is a site that you should visit at least once in your life, especially if you love animals and marine life. Populated by more than 10,000 marine animals, you can observe fish, reptiles, amphibians, invertebrates and marine mammals including polar bears, walruses, seals, arctic foxes, etc. Covering over 16 hectares, this is a true place of discovery and learning so that the whole family can enjoy.


Bora Park Valcartier

Starting next December, the summer will come back to Quebec City with the official opening of the new water park inside the Village Vacances Valcartier Bora Park. Following a major investment to expand the site and diversify its offering, the future indoor water park will occupy an area of over 102,000 square feet and was built under the theme of Polynesia. The ambient temperature will be maintained at 30 degrees Celsius all year long! So good weather, bad weather, you will feel on vacation 365 days a year at the new Bora Park. We are promised slides for children and adults who do not have cold feet, a wave pool, a family pool with water features, a themed river and surf practice area! Will you be part of the first customers to enjoy the new park ??



Located inside the Galeries de la Capitale, the megaparc is the only indoor amusement park in Quebec Province. There are 17 rides and attractions that will entertain young and old with a real roller coaster, a ferris wheel, the bumper cars, a carousel, a climbing wall, agility games and more. Mom can even go shopping while Dad quietly supervise children playing!


Shopping in Ste-Foy

It is in Sainte-Foy, on the outskirts of Quebec City that can be find the largest group of shopping centers in Canada. With these three shopping centers : Laurier Québec, Place Ste-Foy and Place de la Cité, which are located all three one beside each other, variety is at the rendezvous, as well as quality since Laurier Québec is the largest shopping center in Eastern Canada and Place Ste-Foy stands out with its luxury boutiques of major Canadian European and American brands as Apple, BCBG, Birks, Michael Kors, Swarovski, etc. Meanwhile, Place de la Cité is located in the middle of the other two, it offers many specialty shops that are worth the trip!



For many, visiting a museum is synonymous with boredom. But think again, whether visiting the Museum of Civilisation in Quebec City or the National Museum of Fine Arts of Quebec, you will not be bored! At both permanent and temporary exibits, there is everything you might looking for, even for the youngest. These museums offer a lively program, grounded in reality, to offer an experience that will exceed your expectations for sure. The Museum of Civilisation in Quebec City is located in the Old Port, on Dalhousie Street. For its part, the National Museum of Fine Arts of Quebec is located on the Plains of Abraham, on Grande-Allée Street at the corner of Cartier Street. A brand new building, the pavilion Pierre Lassonde, have just been completely built. A modern gem see!


Amusement centers

Your little faces have extra energy to burn? Quebec City offers various amusement centers where children can enjoy great fun! Note Recreofun, Carie Factory and Isaute. The Quebec City branch of Recreofun is located on Jules Verne Avenue in Ancienne-Lorette. Almost identical to the branch of St-Bruno and Trois-Rivières, a day at Recreofun is always unique and your kids will remember it for a long time! A host of “fun” activities are available like a maze, cannons foam balls, various slides, agility games, distorting mirrors, trampolines, arcade, air hockey tables and carousels! Carie Factory essentially offers the same kind of activities but under the theme candy, your kids will be entertained while learning good dental practices and the dental decay formation process. It is also located at Ancienne-Lorette, on the route de l’aéroport. Meanwhile, Isaute is a completely landscaped trampoline fun center. This trampoline center is located on the Fortin Street in Quebec City. Although there is a specially equipped area for toddlers, children a little older and pre-teens are the ones who benefit the most.


In conclusion, I hope these suggestions for indoor activities in Quebec City will inspire you for your next outing!

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