Ice Hotel

    From January 2, 2022 to March 12, 2022, discover the Ice Hotel, just 25 minutes drive from the Best Western PLUS downtown Quebec , the capital of the snow!

    Annually, as many as 100,000 visitors pass through the doors of the Ice Hotel in Quebec City and several dozen weddings are celebrated in its chapel. Built entirely of snow and ice, this work of art has a surface of over 3900 square meters (42,000 sq feet) and its management is entirely reinvented each year.

    The Ice Hotel has managed to train craftsmen who have acquired a sense of undeniable creativity and strong technical expertise related to the creation of ephemeral structures made of snow and ice. With its unique decor, a visit will dazzle you. During the day, the purity of snow and transparency of ice is stunning. In the evening, the play of light tint the ice of various colors to change the atmosphere dramatically.

    Various activities are also offered such as the six kilometers snowshoe walking pathway and the outdoor 100 meters high tubing slide that will warm your heart for the winter season!

    Visit our Ice Hotel Package page that includes one night accommodation with us at the Best Western PLUS downtown Quebec, and breakfast a day visit.

    Did you know?

    Once again this year, the Ice Hotel is located right next to the Valcartier Vacation Village. The only hotel made entirely of ice and snow in America has attracted more than half a million visitors since it first opened in 2001.