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How to plan a successful Valentine’s Day in Quebec City

Here are some of my best suggestions on how to plan a successful Valentine’s Day in Quebec City, to hopefully help you to surprise the love of your life!


Valentine’s Day, the feast of love, is a time to celebrate each other love. Whether between family members, friends or lovers, all hearts are full of joy on February 14th! Although the ultimate goal of this event is to share the love, Valentine’s Day in Quebec City has become a real challenge! All men strive every year to surprise and amaze their loved one on this fateful day. Arduous task, I decided to give a helping hand to the Quebec City men by sharing a few winning runs!


The Valentine’s Day morning is a key moment. The well-known “wait-to-surprise” technique does not work anymore and simply installs disappointment and anticipation in the other mind. Gentlemen, you must be prepared! Breakfast in bed, a great latte-art coffee and some flowers will surely conquer her heart!


Certainly, not all may have this great and relaxing breakfast time in bed on a weekday! However, nothing prevents you to go bring her a little thought at work to put happiness in her day! If you are unable to travel, you can even deliver your loving thoughts… However, DO NOT FORGET the personal card! The objective is to offer a personalized time and it does not happen if you do not add it your intimate touch.


At the end of the work day, two choices are available: the home cozy dinner lovingly prepared, or the chic and romantic restaurant dinner. In either case, do not forget to book your babysitter and be aware that Valentine’s Day is on a Thursday this year!


For the romantic ones, a great dinner at the restaurant will remain a classic forever. Candles on the table, romantic music, excellent service, exquisite food and a great break in the daily activities, make this option a safe bet. However, it is often disappointing to limit your Valentine’s Day in Quebec City to one evening supper. A beautiful walk in the romantic Old Quebec can be a great way to end your night!


Of course, the previous option is a Valentine’s Day classic, but sometimes change is good! A homemade dinner on a lavishly prepared table and candles are certainly good assets to conquer the heart of your loved one. Some romantic music, well heated fireplace and a good bottle of wine are also details to not forget! In addition, do not disremember to prepare the dishes in advance! If everything is already prepared, you will have time to enjoy a drink, chat a little and not stress for the dinner preparation!


Valentine’s Day in Quebec City simply results in attention to detail. More you will multiply attentions, more your evening will be successful. However, there is no need to succeed everything or to spend a fortune, you simply must to try! And please, do not forget the sweet kisses! The more you demonstrate your affection, the more you will see her smile growing. Again, be prepared and use lips balm one week before to be sure to offer her a prince charming kiss!


I hope these ideas will help you to plan your Valentine’s Day in Quebec City. Nobody needs a specific date to say I love you, but since it exists, why not enjoy it!

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