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G-Eazy at FEQ 2020 on July 14


A rapper newly landed on the world stage arrives in Quebec, with the show of G-Eazy at FEQ 2020 on July 14.


Finally, the summer festival team managed to attract a white rapper to the Plains of Abraham scene. Unfortunately, it is not the one we expected while DG-Eazy at FEQ 2020 will be presented on July 14.


Of course, it’s Eminem that everyone has been waiting for years, but it’s still better than Vanilla Ice. Indeed, G-Eazy is climbing the industry ladder with a very accessible hip-hop sound, despite texts that are sometimes very vulgar, at least for the chaste ears of the mid-30er who writes these lines (yeah, I softened a lot over time). ). But the ear-bleeding lyrics do remain a trademark of rap and Hip Hop, a musical genre that became one of if not the most popular in 2020, so I must just be out of it then.



Having made his debut on stage with top performers such as Snoop Dog and Lil ’Wayne in 2010, Gerald Earl Gillum starts to attract the attention of big names in the industry. . It wasn’t until 2014 though with his 3rd studio album These Things Happen and the extract I Mean It that he broke into the very competitive world of Hip Hop. One of his greatest successes, Him and I grew out of his tumultuous relationship with singer Halsey, who will also headline the 53rd edition of the Quebec City Summer Festival. We can also add the song Me, Myself and I to the songs of G-Eazy which propelled his career, the later being a collaboration with another music star, Bebe Rexha.


For the moment, only the rap duo $uicideboy$ is scheduled for the Hip Hop evening of the Quebec City Summer Festival, but from the very mouth of programming director Louis Bellavance, renowned artists will come to enhance the evening and announcements would be forthcoming.



Even if it is not the god of rap Eminem who will be present on the Plains of Abraham scene on July 14, G-Eazy at FEQ 2020 definitely represents a good second option for the organization.


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