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Defi Laser, a Laser Tag amusement centre in Quebec City


Looking for a fun activity to do with friends and family? It’s time to try the Defi Laser, a Laser Tag amusement center in Quebec City.

This activity is designed to have tons of fun with family and friends from 7 to 77 years old. You’ll be equipped with a laser gun and an upper body (front and back) foam-like cover. There are 3 rooms, each have their unique layout that enables you to change the game in your favor, such as corners, higher levels, stairs, mirrors, etc. It is up to you to use these obstacles to your advantage and take out your opponent!


What is most interesting is you and your group alone are in one specific room for the. So no mixing with people you don’t know… which I think is a great idea! You really get to enjoy the Laser Tag to its fullest.


Teams can be composed of pairs, trios, versus or the classic free for all. You can choose the type of scenario you want or let the Laser Tag personel make it simply random to spice things up. It will be easy to know which team you are part of since you are identified by either red, blue or yellow color, however, in all the excitement, you might hit your own team members until you get the hang of it. (personally, I did a lot of friendly fire in the first 10 minutes of the first round, we had a big laugh at it afterwords).


Here are a few tips to maximize your fun at the Laser Tag amusement centre:
– Reservations are highly recommended
– Arrive at least 15 minutes before to pay
– Take 3 rounds minimum (time flies by!)
– Put on some training clothes because you will be sweating
– Bring a bottle of water to keep yourself hydrated
– Running shoes (you don’t want to wear high heels in this place!)
– Don’t be afraid to change your teams each rounds (in pairs, versus, free for all, etc)
– Use your height or shortness to your advantage to score points
– And most important, have fun!


They are many offers to choose from! So be sure to check out the type of package you want try at this place. Otherwise, round 1 is 8$, round 2 is 6$ and all rounds after that are 4$. Each round consists of 20 minutes.


Centre de Sainte-Foy
2333 rue Galvani
Québec G1N4G3
Tél.: 418-614-3334

Centre de Vanier
155 rue Fortin
Québec G1M3M2
Tél.: 418-527-0707

www.defilaser.ca (in French language only)


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