Tour of the churches in Quebec City.

Aficionados of religious tourism, the city of Québec is full of spectacular places of worship! Here is a tour of the churches of Quebec and the region.   The Catholic Church is largely responsible for the rise of the French colonies in New France, and although the Quebeckers have not really fueled the religious flame […]

5 must-do activities in Quartier Nouvo Saint-Roch

Staying at Best Western PLUS City Centre for a couple of days, here is a list of 5 original and fun activities in Quartier Nouvo Saint-Roch you don’t want to miss! For several years now, Quartier Saint-Roch, in the heart of Quebec, has been trying to reinvent itself, and we can now say that this […]

Indoor activities in Quebec City

Whether to avoid the rainy climate of some days, the summer heat waves or extreme cold winter times, people often opt for indoor activities in Quebec City.   Here are some suggestions for indoor activities to do in Quebec City we concocted for you to keep you entertained, no matter what Mother Nature has reserved […]

5 original restaurants to try in Quebec City

Do you like to discover the cooking world? Here are 5 original restaurants to try on your next visit to Quebec City. Enregistrer   Looking for a unique experience? The medieval restaurant Chope Gobline is a must try for fans and people who love the ancient times such as Dungeons & Dragons. The restaurant was transformed to […]

Top 5 museums to visit in Quebec City

Are you eager to learn and looking for an original way to discover the history and beauty of Quebec City? Then, we suggest you a top 5 museums to visit in Quebec City!   Quebec City museums offer a wide range of activities for all ages and an impressive cultural wealth throughout the year. Here […]

Quebec City Montmorency Fall

The Quebec City Montmorency Fall welcomes thousands of visitors each year to admire its splendor.   Timeless emblem of the beautiful city of Quebec , the Montmorency Fall is surrounded by a beautiful park with many summer and winter activities, The Quebec City Montmorency Falls is a place to visit!Situated on the St. Lawrence River […]

Activities to do at Ile d’Orleans

Are you looking for activities to do at Ile d’Orleans? You will find several around the island for all ages! Wondering what to do at Orleans Island? Note that fall period is the perfect time to head to Orleans Island for a day outdoors. By car, the tour of the island and 75km may take […]