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How to choose the right hotel

Le choix du bon hôtel est une question de prix, d'emplacement et de commodité. Découvrez des conseils clés pour choisir l'hôtel idéal!

Choosing the right hotel for your vacation can make or break your trip. Some people think that, by choosing cheap accommodation, they are getting a good deal, but this is not necessarily the case. As you make more trips, you begin to understand the importance of finding a place that offers comfort and a great […]

Where to Stay in Quebec City

Where to stay in Quebec City

Quebec City, as the capital of Canada’s French-speaking province, is truly a multicultural location. The Saint Lawrence River divides the city, which is located in the province of Quebec. There is a lot of history to discover in Quebec City. Many sections of the city, with buildings dating back to the early 1600s, make visitors […]