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Best Italian Food In Quebec City

The search for the best Italian food in Quebec City is an adventure that will tantalize your taste buds and leave you wanting more. From traditional pizzas to hearty pasta dishes, there are so many delicious options to choose from! But how do you know which ones are truly the best? Well, fear not, we’ve done all the hard work for you. For those seeking out a culinary experience unlike any other, these restaurants offer some of the most mouth-watering Italian dishes around.

The 10 Best Italian Restaurants In Quebec City

Ah, Italian food. It’s one of the most delectable cuisines in the world and Quebec City is lucky enough to have some amazing restaurants that specialize in it. Here we share 10 of the best Italian restaurants you can find in this beautiful city.

Nouvo Cuisine & Mixologie

Nouvo Cuisine & Mixologie is a fantastic Italian restaurant in the heart of Downtown Quebec. The traditional Italian dishes that are served here have been specially crafted to transport you straight to Italy. They are known for their delicious pizzas and specialty cocktails that will leave you happy you visited. 

The atmosphere at Nouvo Cuisine & Mixologie is warm and inviting with beautiful decor. The best part is that it is located inside the Best Western Plus in Downtown Quebec City, making it the most convenient choice for those visiting the city. After a long day of exploring Quebec, you can come back to your hotel to enjoy an absolutely delicious meal. 

There’s more than just food on offer at Nouvo Cuisine & Mixology, they also serve some truly remarkable cocktails and mocktails! Their mixologists are experts at creating custom drinks with unique flavor combinations perfect for any occasion. Whether it’s a romantic dinner date or a casual night out with friends, visitors won’t forget their experience dining here!

If Quebec City is known for anything, it’s Italian cuisine. With so many cozy restaurants and eateries to choose from, Battuto stands out as a top choice among the city’s best Italian restaurants. From traditional handmade pasta dishes to an extensive selection of pizzas, this small yet charming restaurant offers something for everyone looking for authentic Italian dining in Quebec City.

The moment you step inside Battuto, you’re welcomed with a warm atmosphere that feels like home. The menu features classic dishes cooked with fresh ingredients that are sure to tantalize your taste buds. Whether it’s their signature homemade gnocchi or one of their delicious scallop crudo appetizers, each plate is prepared with care and attention to detail. Despite its size, a trip to Battuto promises big flavors served by passionate staff who truly take pride in every dish they serve. This makes it the perfect spot if you’re craving some quality time while enjoying some of the finest Italian cooking around!

If you’re looking for the best Italian food in Quebec City, there’s no doubt that Il Matto is a must-visit. This relaxed storefront eatery offers all of your favorite traditional Italian dishes including wood-fired pizzas and pasta made with artisan ingredients. Don’t be fooled by its casual atmosphere; this place knows how to deliver on flavor!

The pizza here is especially noteworthy. The menu includes classic Napolitan pies as well as other classics featuring fresh local ingredients sourced from nearby farms and suppliers. If you want something more unique than pizza, they also serve a variety of main dishes including salmon, shrimp, and filet mignon. 

If you are looking for something a bit different, head to Morena. Morena is the most casual venue on our list as they primarily function as an Italian and Mediterranean grocery store, but they also sell delicious ready-to-eat food. So, if you are looking for amazing food on the go, Morena is the place to be. In addition to offering cold meats and cheese boards, their menu includes hot foods such as arancini, pizza, lasagne, and soups. If you love the food you are trying, you can buy some ingredients from their store to replicate the flavors at home!

If you’re looking for a delicious Italian dining experience in Quebec City, then Tonino is the place to go. Located on Av. du Chanoine-More, this restaurant boasts an elegant yet urban atmosphere with white tablecloths and cozy seating arrangements that make it feel like a fine dining restaurant yet maintains its casual eatery charm. The wine list alone will transport your taste buds to Italy.

When it comes to food, Tonino’s menu is filled with comforting dishes that are made with love. From classic lasagna to seasonal dishes crafted from local ingredients, there’s something for everyone at this humble establishment.  Whether you come for business or pleasure, Tonino promises a memorable evening full of mouthwatering Italian cuisine and warm hospitality. With unparalleled attention to detail in both presentation and flavor, every bite served at this family-owned restaurant will leave you feeling satisfied. 

If you are anywhere near 980 Boulevard. de Maisonneuve O, make sure to give Fiorella a visit. The menu features an array of homemade pasta dishes, beef carpaccio with wild mushrooms, thin-crust wood-fired pies, and much more. Even better, there’s a wide selection of wines to accompany each dish that perfectly complements the flavors you can expect from every bite.

The atmosphere at Fiorella is both airy and inviting. With its large windows overlooking downtown Quebec City and elegantly decorated tables spaced apart throughout the restaurant, it’s a place where anyone can be comfortable dining alone or among friends. This ambiance allows diners to relax while they enjoy their meal without feeling rushed or overwhelmed by other guests in the restaurant.

Whether you come here for lunch or dinner, Fiorella will provide you with an unforgettable experience thanks to its extensive wine selection and traditional Italian cuisine. From the moment you walk through the door till when you leave full and satisfied, everything about Fiorella speaks to why this restaurant has become such a popular destination for visitors from all around the world who crave authentic Italian fare made with love.

Quebec City Food Guide

Pizza Verace is a highly-rated restaurant known for its unique take on traditional Italian cuisine. From classic American-style pizza to more innovative styles, there’s something here for everyone. They offer some of the best quality ingredients around in order to ensure that everything tastes as good as it looks.  At Pizza Verace, you will be able to experience some of Canada’s finest culinary offerings without breaking the bank. You’ll find yourself savoring every bite while taking in all the flavors offered at one of Quebec City’s best-rated restaurants.

When it comes to Italian cuisine, Quebec City is a veritable smorgasbord of culinary delights. Sapristi stands out as one of the best places in town for an authentic experience. Located on Rue Saint-Jean, this awesome spot fuses traditional recipes with modern flair, making it an unforgettable dining destination. Sapristi focuses solely on pizza and pasta, but you know it is going to be good from the wide variety of types of pizzas and pasta they offer. No matter what you are in the mood for, you can get it at this hip restaurant in Quebec City.

This casual yet elegant eatery provides diners with a perfect setting for enjoying classic Italian dishes. From their seafood choices to their creamy puffs, there’s something here for everyone to enjoy. The atmosphere at Casa Calzone is one of soft lighting and warmth – not only can you enjoy your meal inside or on their heated terrace, but the beautiful views will transport you away from everyday life. The reasonable price tag makes this place even better, as friends and family can gather together without breaking the bank.

Michelangelo is a classic Italian restaurant located in 3111 Chemin Saint-Louis. It has been serving happy customers for over 40 years, and its bright contemporary decor combined with the adorable patio gives guests a home-like vibe. The menu offers a variety of delicious options, including tasty pasta dishes, veal, and seafood. The restaurant is well known for its generous portions and excellent service.

The atmosphere at Michelangelo is warm and inviting, making it the perfect spot to enjoy a meal with family or friends. Whether you’re looking for an intimate dinner or a large gathering, this restaurant can accommodate your needs. With its wide selection of Italian dishes and friendly staff, Michelangelo is sure to please everyone in your party. 

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