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A weekend in Old Quebec


For a successful weekend in Old Quebec, there is no magic recipe, only a beautiful city to discover!


The city offers a host of activities, accommodation options and incredible restaurants that will allow you to create wonderful memories with family, lovers or friends and will offer you a wonderful weekend in Old Quebec.


Several events are also organized during the year to allow you to fully enjoy the different seasons. The Quebec City Summer Festival, the Quebec Carnival, the New France Festival, the Quebec Pee Wee International Tournament and many other events are known on the international scene and allow you to discover the city from an unique angle. Unfortunately, this year, these events are postponed until next year.


When it comes to accommodation, several hotels, big and small are available in the city to ensure you a successful weekend in Old Quebec. So you can choose between a large international hotel, like the Chateau Frontenac, a more accessible hotel, such as the Best Western PLUS Downtown Quebec or a small boutique hotel like Le 71. Anyway, be certain that you will find an establishment that meets your quality criteria, with an ideal location, good service and attractive prices. Of course, we always recommend referring to online comment sites, such as Trip Advisor, to ensure that the tourism community is satisfied with these properties. Who knows, you could make a nice discovery!


Practical tip, shop your room rates in advance to ensure the best rate available! Supply and demand vary seasonally in Quebec, as are prices.


For a good restaurant, a multitude of options are available… In fact there are so many, it’s impossible to give you all our recommendations. There is something for every budget and every style. Rue Saint-Jean offers many pubs, typical French restaurants and an excellent pancake restaurant, Casse Crêpe Breton. Rue Saint-Joseph, in the Nouvo Saint-Roch district is also very popular and more dynamic. There are bistro bars, pubs and thematic restaurants, such as the Parvis Pub, Table Restaurant, La Piazzetta, Le Bureau de Poste, Les Sales Gosses and the Affaire est Ketchup.


The Grande-Allée, in the upper town, is the perfect place for a night out in trendy restaurants and bars, including the well-known Dagobert and Atelier, Tartare and Cocktails. Cartier Street, on the other hand, is more local but also offers many famous restaurants that are worth visiting, such as Café Sirocco, Blaxton and Graffiti. Several other neighborhoods offer good restaurants, but these streets are definitely the main ones to visit during your weekend in Old Quebec. We are thinking of 3rd Avenue in Limoilou, which offers Fistons Bistro and Soupe & Cie.


As for the activities to do in Quebec City, here again you do not miss any options, other than exploring Old Quebec and its captivating history. Several museums, visits to the Château Frontenac, entire streets for shopping, and many parks are available directly in downtown. There are also well-known names such as the Aquarium of Quebec, the Valcartier Vacation Village, the Montmorency Falls Park and the Bora Parc.


However, smaller businesses are also well established in the city and offer activities for all style and ages. We think, among others, at the ISaute trampoline center, the Laser Game Evolution, an escape activity with Double Tour, the numerous outdoor activities, the dog sled in winter or the Via Ferrata in summer, the ziplines and canoe or rafting!


You can consult the official website of the Quebec City Tourism Office for even more ideas and suggestions.


Basically, you will not miss any options to have fun! Just determine what interests you and allow enough time to do everything … who knows, you might never want to leave and your weekend in Old Quebec will turn into a month!


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