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7 restaurants to try in Downtown Quebec City

Are you looking for new restaurants to try in Quebec? Here are 7 restaurants in Downtown Quebec City.


With restaurants opening here and there all over the City, it is hard to know where to eat out and enjoy the experience. Since I work in Downtown Quebec City, I thought it would be fun to share 7 restaurants to try out in the area, each very different from the other so you are bound to find one to your liking!


Le Voisin Resto Buvette (gastronomy cuisine)

A hidden gem in Nouvo St-Roch! Le Voisin (loosely translated as The Neighbor) is a beautiful place to meet up and recently set up in 2017 in the area. Discover a variety imported wine and gastronomy meals to share with friends.


Nhà toî (vietnamese cuisine)

Looking for a good Vietnamese restaurant? Nhà toî is the latest addition in the Downtown area of Quebec City. This restaurant opened its doors in April 2017 and has been a favourite by the locals ever since, especially is charcoal cooking.


LvlUp (bistro cuisine)

I recently discovered this restaurant by pure chance while searching for a parking hahaha! Already a fan of the coffee Shop La Revanche (where it’s a bring your own or play board games on site) LvlUp is an hommage to video games, gamers and geeks. Their menu offers items for those who have time to enjoy their meals, while those who just want to play game consoles can easily indulge in finger food items. Definitely a place to discover 😉


Le Bureau de Poste (mix of bistro and bar cuisine)

This restaurant is as unique as it comes, but more important very simple. Every item in their menu is 5,95$ (alcohol and extras not included). Their cuisine can be compared to a bistro/pub like style. So if you are to eat in Saint-Roch, this is one of the hottest places, all year around, for its great food at great prices. Best advice we can give, get there early, because sometimes you have to wait in line before finally getting your table due to its high popularity.


Ashton (Quebecois cuisine, technically fast food)

How can I NOT talk about Ashton! The king of the famous and best poutine in Quebec (well to me anyway!). The poutine dish is composed with only 3 ingredients: fresh fries, fresh cheese curds and a warm brown sauce tot op it off. Simple yes? Yet so many restaurants try to copy the recipe, but none come close to what Ashton does. One of the best times of the year to try it is in January, thanks to the weather discount. The more cold it is, the better discount you get 😛


Tequila Lounge (mexican cuisine)

Looking for something spicy? Then the Tequila Lounge is for you! Located on the St-Joseph Street, this restaurant offers many classic mexicain dishes such as tacos and some with a twist (taco poutine which is inspired by the poutine week). Grab a friend and head over to this place to awaken your palette.


Les Salons d’Edgar (mix of bistro and bar cuisine)

By far, the best kept secret in Nouvo St-Roch! Les Salons d’Edgar is a small but cozy place to grab drink with friends and play pool in an urban atmosphere. Delicious and yet simple menu to choose from like classics such as tartars, steak & fries, even vegetarian options are available. This place offers a relaxing and enjoyable evening with friends for sure.


What restaurant will you try next when you stop by Downtown Quebec City?


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