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5 traditional activity ideas for a festive Christmas

For most of us, the past year has been a tough one. To help keep your spirits up, here are our 5 traditional activity ideas for a festive Christmas.

As we grow up, we learn to hate snow. Dressing well for the cold, shoveling the driveway, and clearing the car for even the slightest outing is usually not a very fun thing. However, when there is nowhere to go, why not take the opportunity to rediscover the pleasure of playing outside?

Whether or not you are a fan of winter sports, there are a whole host of possibilities available to you. Skiing, snowshoeing and skating are obviously a wintertime must. Pair these classics with an enchanting photoshoot for lasting memories. That said, a good ol ‘shovel and a little imagination can also be enough to turn your backyard into a potential playground. Build a fort or a toboggan run for your children or even those of the neighbor! Their joy will be contagious, guaranteed!

And worst-case scenario, if snow is out of the picture, you can still make salt dough snowmen. After all, every reason is a good one to justify a hot chocolate, right?

Festive atmosphere

Are you back inside, your cheeks flushed with the cold? Great! While your hot chocolate waits quietly on the table, take the opportunity to warm the mood with some Holiday classics. Not all are Christmas music lovers, but if it is your case, so much the better! A few well-chosen songs are sure to brighten up the household. The occasion might even be appropriate for a friendly thematic karaoke competition. Virtually or live, the experience promises to be fun!

Rather a fan of cinema? Now is the time to include all those movies you never have time to watch in your annual Christmas marathon. But why stick to the movies? Christmas specials from your favorite TV series are just as suitable for bringing Holiday magic to your home. No matter the weather, your favorite characters are sure to get you in the mood.

Christmas decorations

The mood is settling in? Perfect! All you have to do is anchor it correctly with a few suitable decorations. Choose them according to your tastes or let your creativity set the tone for the decor. Whether classic or original, modern or rustic, the important thing is that it makes you smile. Advice for parents: keep the younger ones busy by putting them in charge of making the ornaments. Line them with a large round-tipped needle and let them thread popcorn and colorful dried fruit onto strings. By tying different lengths of rope, you will have skewers, wreaths and garlands that are as pretty as they are delicious.

For those with a sweet tooth, the gingerbread house will always remain a timeless traditional activity. Topped with your favorite sweets in tantalizing colors, it’s sure to take the place of honor! Well, as long as there are a few bites left, of course. Otherwise, beautiful, nicely decorated cookie-cutter cookies are an attractive alternative. Foodie friends who would not feel the soul of a confectioner expert in building, the choice is yours! Be careful, however, not to prepare your gourmet decorations too much in advance, as they will lose their freshness. Wouldn’t that be a shame?
Obviously, if you have pets, be very careful with the decorations, edible or not. Does your cat seem to have an irresistible appetite for traditional garlands? Make your own with twisted pipe cleaners or rings made from colorful paper strips. The tree quickly turns into an infernal hiding place for your companion? Replace it with a pretty decorative wreath. The most skilled can even make their own, for a fairly reasonable budget. Worth a try, no?

Social activities

The past year has been very difficult for everyone, especially in terms of interpersonal relationships. Under current conditions, several families are seriously considering canceling the annual family eve. Is this the case with yours? Suggest a remote secret Santa! The Pikkado website ( www.pikkado.com ) allows you to organize everything without spoiling the surprise, even for the organizer. By thus limiting the number of gifts to be sent, the additional cost for mailing becomes much less prohibitive. When you receive and open your presents, however, don’t forget to film your reactions and send them to your loved ones! Alternatively, you could also organize a video conversation using Zoom or Messenger, for example, when you are ready to open your presents.

To liven things up, you could also run an original packaging contest on social media. Vary the shape of the boxes, use unusual colors or materials, and surprise those around you! The most environmentally friendly could, for example, be charmed by the furoshiki. This Japanese technique makes it possible to wrap different objects in pretty pieces of reusable fabric. Original, smart and ecological: we can bet that you will not be able to do without it!

Finally, to stock up on those smiles we all miss so badly, consider hosting a photoshoot. Whether orchestrated by a professional or improvised at home, take the opportunity to have fun. By laughing heartily on these pictures, you will no doubt be able to make those who are dear to you smile when they see them. Distribute them liberally and be sure to hang up the ones you will receive in return. Chances are, these smiling faces will warm your heart for the winter months to come.

Advent calendar

Still undecided? No problem! A well-chosen advent calendar may be the solution for you. DIY one by following one of the many models available on the internet, using specialized or recycled materials. Add your favorite treats or suggestions for fun activities to suit your tastes for each day. To keep the surprise, write them down on strips of paper and pick them out at random when you fill in each box of your calendar.

Alternatively, you can also get a ready-made advent calendar from the grocery store. For a touch of originality, think about buying one from a local craftsperson or online. Add to the mood by preparing a list of challenges to complete before you can open your daily boxes. Make it a friendly competition between your family members, or an opportunity to step out of your comfort zone. You’ll see: it’s worth it!

We hope you will enjoy the 5 traditional activity ideas for a festive Christmas. we are suggesting for the Holiday Season.

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