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5 tips for traveling with your dog in Quebec City


As your dog is a full member of the family, it is unthinkable to leave it at home or to leave it with someone when the rest of the family goes on vacation. Luckily, many hotels accept pets and we offer 5 tips to travel with your dog in Quebec City without hassle.


1. Ask if the hotel accepts pets.

Although indeed several establishment now accept the presence of pets, some continue to prohibit their presence. Sites like PetFriendly.ca (French language only) are good references when it comes to choosing an institution that offers this opportunity.


2. Know the rules regarding the presence of animals in the hotel.

The rules regarding the presence of pets may vary from one hotel to another. It is important to inquire about those rules before making the reservation to make the choice that best suits your needs and those of your little beast. For example, some establishments do not allow you to leave your dog or cat alone in the room, others require that it be left in a cage when you are away. This information can be found on the websites of most hotels that adopt this policy.


3. Know the behavior of your dog.

As a follow-up to the previous point, a family who wants to stay in a hotel with their pet needs to know how their pet will react in an environment unfamiliar to them. Will his presence be disturbing for neighboring rooms? Will he need special attention to help him acclimatize to this new environment? The choice of the hotel may depend on these details depending on their policies.


4. Learn about the products available on site.

It is likely that the hotel you have chosen offers products for your animal on site, sometimes even for free. From carpets for kibble needs to treats, some go a long way to make sure that your stay with your dog is pleasant, both for you and for him. This will also allow you to predict what you need to carry with you on your trip.


5. Find out about services available nearby.

In case of glitches, it is very important to know what services are available near the chosen establishment. Veterinary clinic, grooming service, babysitting in case your pet does not acclimatize well to its new environment and the nearest pet store are all examples of services that may be useful. You can also ask for a list of nearby parks, with many municipalities even having dedicated parks for dogs.


We hope these 5 tips for traveling with your dog in Quebec City will ensure that you will never leave your 4-legged family member alone at home ever again.


Consult our pet friendly policy at our hotel.

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