330 Couronne St.
Quebec, G1K 6E6

Do you like to discover the cooking world? Here are 5 original restaurants to try on your next visit to Quebec City.



Looking for a unique experience? The medieval restaurant Chope Gobline is a must try for fans and people who love the ancient times such as Dungeons & Dragons. The restaurant was transformed to match its medieval theme and its crew make sure to make you enjoy the experience to its maximum and of course its food!


In between services, you’ll have the chance to enjoy one of the characters on-site that will be more than happy to tell you a tell and sing you song. If you feel adventurous, you might want to try the “le festin royal” to fill your belly and enjoy the feast with a friend or two!


Are you afraid of the dark? I hope not! The restaurant Ô 6 Sens offers you a unique way to enjoy your food on a whole other level…in the dark! You can be amazed at how your other senses are amplified for the fact that you cannot see. The experience is unique in the sense you do not know what the menu is, you only find out once you are finished.  If you feel adventurous, they also offer an “unknown item”, you might be surprised about what you ate afterword, but again this addition is only an option


Enjoy the experience to its maximum and best to make you reservation in advance, this place is very popular.


This beautiful restaurant is located in Wendake and offers its goal was to share their culture with locals and visitors. The Sagamite offers you many unique dishes with meats such as wapiti, rabbit, bison, boar, elk and duck. Mmmm it all sounds so delicious!


Have you ever heard of the Bistro-Bar Le Ciel? It is located on the 28th floor of the hotel Concorde and it is is the only revolving restaurant in Quebec City! Ciel offers local products in their menu while adding the chef’s personal touch.


It takes 90 minutes for the restaurant to go full circle, more than enough time to enjoy a complete meal all while viewing Quebec City.


Our last pick is a restaurant located in the heart of Quartier Petit-Champlain. Their speciality are ribs, but they do offer other choices such as calamari and duck. What makes this restaurant stand out their activties such as Mystery Nights, CLUE (based on the popular board game CLUE) or a performer (magic or mentalism)!


If you are looking for a great meal with a mix of an activity, this is for you!


If you are looking for a great meal with cool activities, those restaurants are to try!