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5 activities to do with your dog in Quebec

With animals becoming more and more part of our lives, we often search for activities to do with them. Look no further we have the latest hot spots in Quebec City for you and your dog.


Here are 5 activities to do with your dog in Quebec :


O Poil Café Canin / Boutique and Education Centre

O Poil has been around for the past 8 years offering several services such as dog walking, animal sitting at home (for all types of animals), transport and accompaniment to your desired destination.


It is in 2017 that they decided it was time to make a big jump and opened a Dog Coffee Shop with other services in December 2017.  They offer many services on-site, a coffee shop (canine coffee), a grooming salon, dog training in groups and a doggie day camp!


Aqua Confor Animal Inc.

Aqua Confort Animal Inc. opened its doors in September 2016 in l’Ancienne Lorette. What makes it so unique is actually their indoor pool for dogs opened all year around! Your dog isn’t too friendly with others? No worries, you can rent the indoor pool just for you and your furry companion.  How awesome is that? You can also rent a lifevest for your dog if you don’t have one.


Also available: a boutique, canine massotherapy with a specialist, indoor play room, grooming services for cats and dogs,  canine gym & athletic course.


Reservations required.


Canyon Sainte-Anne

Canyon Sainte-Anne is the perfect outing with your family and that includes your dog! Your furry companion can accompany you everywhere in the park as long as he remains on leash at all times. An adventure awaits your in these beautiful woods.


Bois-de-Coulonge Park

The Bois-de-Coulonge Park is located right in the heart of Quebec City. It is the perfect place to take a walk, smell and see the many flower arrangements on-site (honestly they are something to see!). A big bonus in this case is that you can bring your dog no problem (on a leash of course) and enjoy it together.


Bonus : the Bois-de-Coulonge Park is located less than a few blocks away from the Plains of Abraham.


Canots Legare

Canots Legare was founded in 1908 and is still going strong after 110 years ! This place offers a calm outing on the Haute-Saint-Charles river which runs for about 11 km long. Grab your lunch box and paddle your way to the middle where there is a small beach where you’ll be able to relax, eat and watch the ducks pass by. What could be more fun? Well you can even bring your dog! So hop on and have some fun!


You can rent a kayak solo or kayak tandem, canoe (available for 2, 3 or up to 6 people) and paddleboard solo or 4 to 6 people). If you do not have a life vest, no worries! They got you covered, for only 1$ you can rent yours!


You can rent your kayak or canoe for an hour, 2 hours, a day (3 and more hours) or just for the evening (4 pm to 9 pm). Prices start at 11$ per person.


They are opened from May to October. Reservations are highly recommended due to its popularity in the area.


Not from around here and you are interested in visiting Quebec City? No worries! Hotels in Quebec City accept animals more and more just like the Best Western PLUS Downtown Quebec. If you want more information on this pet friendly hotel, please contact us today.