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3 places to do indoor climbing in Quebec City

indoor climbing in Quebec City

Do you like indoor climbing? Check out these 3 places right here in Quebec City for your next challenge.

Indoor climbing has gained much popularity in the past few years, especially in places like Quebec where the winter limits certain seasonal activities. Luckily there are now 3 places where you can do indoor climbing all year around : Delire Escalade (two locations being in Beauport and the other in Ste-Foy) and Roc Gyms (Limoilou).


Delire Escalade

Delire Escalade has two sites in Quebec City, each with their unique differences. The activity located in Beauport holds the highest climbing wall and offers more than 30 paths for different levels of skills. This makes for an excellent activity between friends who love a challenge or just want to try something new.


This place is adapted for kids older than 7 years old as long as they are supervised by an adult at all times.


Prices are very affordable (adults at 17$ per day while kids are at 12$ per day) and you need to rent the harness and shoes which comes down to only 4$. You can even purchase a weekly pass (which is 29$ per week and it includes the rental of the harness and shoes)

2485 Boul. Sainte-Anne, Québec, G1J 1Y4
Phone: 418 658-8016

(please note that the website is in French language only.)

Their location at Ste-Foy is more of a free style, as their block of walls are 4 meters high and offer over 120 different paths for all kinds of challenges. This type of climbing is known as bouldering which is done without any ropes and/or harnesses, it is highly recommended to have the proper climbing shoes for this activity, luckily you can rent on-site for only 4$.


Prices are for 17$ per adult and 12$ per kids aged between 6 to 11 years old. Certain discounts are available for adults on Fridays and on evenings when climbing is after 9 PM.



950 Av. St-Jean-Baptiste, Québec, G2E 5E9
Phone: 418 872-2800

(please note that the website is in French language only.)



Roc Gyms


Roc Gyms offers many types of climbing: rock climbing, ice climbing and indoor climbing. Their indoor activity offers more than 50 paths from easy to hard. So even if you are just beginning in the world of climbing, this is a nice place to start the process. Who knows, you might eventually try ice or rock climbing in the future.


Prices start at 12$ per person or 18.50$ which includes equipment. Subscriptions are available starting at 19$ (1 week, 1 month, 3 months, 6 months or 1 year).


Other types of activities are also available on-site : AcroYoga on Sunday evenings, RocFit on Tuesdays evenings, children’s birthday, boot camp for kids between 6 and 12 years old and more. Prices vary for each activity. Certain packages combining with indoor climbing are also available.



2350, avenue du Colisée, Québec, G1L 5A1

Phone: 418 647-4422

(please note that the website is in French language only.)



Curious to try it out? You might want to check out local deal websites such as Tuango, Vie Urbaine or Groupon because this particular activity becomes available during the year for half the price!


Whether you are a beginner or know your way around indoor climbing, this activity is perfect to keep you yourself fit and develop some muscles you didn’t even know existed 😉

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